Raw or cooked kibble topper recipe for healthy adult dogs This recipe is for a 500 kcal beef and salmon kibble topper.   You will receive your recipe within 48 hours of purchase.  The final recipe can be split into portions depending on how much kibble you are replacing with the topper.  The recipe contains all whole foods and two supplements- a calcium supplement and vitamin E. 


-The recipe is formulated to ensure all nutrients are included in the proper amounts.  Nutrient requirements are utilized and not ratios.  


-Included with the recipe will be a guaranteed analysis as well as suggestions on where to find supplements that are used to create balance. 


The recipe is for a healthy dog and is not meant to cure or treat any illness. 

When you purchase this recipe formulation service you are agreeing that the recipe is for your dog only and to not share the recipe.

Raw or Cooked Beef and Salmon Kibble Topper