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The Whole Woof

est 2016

My love of dogs and nutrition began early in life.  My first word was "goggie." As a child I was exposed to my Mother's interest in nutrition which has become my passion.  Not knowing how to turn my love for dogs and nutrition into a career as a teenager I took an interesting and unsatisfying journey in college and completed my bachelors degree in Accountancy graduating cum laude.  I then spent the next 9 years as an entrepreneur dabbling in real estate and 5 years as owner of a prestigious high end clothing boutique in the upscale town of Geneva, IL

In 2009 after numerous years of wanting a Bernese Mountain Dog, Captain Jack joined the family and went to the boutique with me daily.  When he started having symptoms of hip dysplasia at 6 months old I started researching how I could help him live a better life.  I started him and my 10 year old Rottie on a raw diet.  The change for the better in both of them was apparent in a short time.  Every day since then I have made it my goal to learn something new about canine nutrition and natural healing.  


I have extensive knowledge on commercial diets from my 10 years of experience working as a buyer for an award winning independent pet shop with five locations.  I have completed numerous nutrition courses over the years by Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Barbara Royal and Steve Brown.  My own dogs are thriving on recipes I formulated.  Most recently I have completed the Canine Nutrition Certificate program with Companion Animal Sciences Institute.  I have also completed basics of Canine Nutrition and Canine Dietary Formulation tutorial by Cat Lane Dip. CFN Chartered Herbalist.  

Erica Hartt Cert. CN

Canine Nutrition Consultant

I am not a veterinarian, veterinary group, or veterinary nutritionist. I am an independent canine nutrition coach.  Services on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent animal disease or illness.

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