Commercial diet consultation for heatlhy dogs or puppies  This service will help you chose the best commercial diet for your dog or puppy based on age, breed, activity level and type of food you would like to feed.   After purchase, you will be given a questionanaire to fill out so I can learn more about your dog.  If necessary, I may contact you if additional information is needed.  You will receive your food list within one week.


-You will be provided with a list of foods suitable for your specific dog, how much to feed and where to find the foods. 


-Included with the food list will be suggestions on supplements to add and where to find them.


- After the list is emailed you will be able to send one email asking for further help.  Additional emails or phone calls will be $25.  


The food list is suggestions for a healthy dog  or puppy and is not meant to cure or treat any illness. 

When you purchase this commercial diet service you are agreeing that the list is for your dog only and to not to be shared.

Healthy Dog or Puppy Commercial Diet Consultation