Proprietary blend of 8 mushroom mycelium

-Contains 100% Certified Organic, biologically active, whole food mushroom and mycelium (not isolated extracts) 

- Supports digestive and immune health

- Contains protein and high levels of natural whole food vitamin D2, B6, B12, beta glucans, chelated minerals, fiber, antioxidants (including L-ergothioneine) and natural glucosamine

- Grown and produced entirely in the U.S.

- Oats instead of rice for its substrate, adding valuable plant beta glucans and enhancing the mycelia's bioactivity

- Contains an array of beta glucans, each with its own beta glucan structure

- No additives, fillers, gluten, and unhealthy levels of heavy metals

Organic Fermented Mushroom Complex For Cats and Dogs 2.10 oz