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Food/Environmental Scan Consultation  This service will help you chose the best diet for your dog based on the feedback from an environmental/food scan.  After purchase, you will be given a questionanaire to fill out so I can learn more about your dog.  I will also need a copy of the scan results.  If necessary, I may contact you if additional information is needed.  You will receive your food list within one week.


-You will be provided with a list of foods suitable for your specific dog that does not contain any of the food triggers identified on the scan. If a homemade diet is the best choice we will discuss that option and its cost.  


-Included with the food list will be suggestions on supplements to add and where to find them.


-This service does not replace the care of a vet.  I highly suggest you also go over the scan with your vet.


- After the list is emailed you will be able to send one email or make one phone call asking for further help.  Additional emails or phone calls will be $20.  


The food list is suggestions for a healthy dog or puppy and is not meant to cure or treat any illness. 

When you purchase this environment/food scan service you are agreeing that the list is for your dog only and to not to be shared.

Food/Environmental Scan Consultation


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